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     Conclude your search for a cleaner and look no further because Brompton Carpet Cleaning is the best there is.
Adam L.02/08/2023
     Impressed with the job done by BromptonCarpetCleaning in terms of the upholstery cleaning - would absolutely recommend and use their services again!
G. Weston23/02/2023
     The work of the carpet cleaners from Brompton Cleaning Company was really quite incredible. I'd tried loads of home remedies, but had no luck with a few stubborn stains. I gave them a go just because they had a cheap offer on, and it was cheaper than getting a new carpet. And in the end it looks fantastic, almost as good as new. I'd definitely recommend to anyone who needs easy and cheap cleaning
Sam Fernandes19/05/2020
     Did a fantastic job of cleaning an old apartment! Would highly recommend this cleaning service!
Katie L.19/09/2019
     The remains of a dust storm are very rigid. Our windows and panes were all jammed and there was fine dust in the house. The house cleaning was undertaken by Carpet Cleaners Brompton's capable team. Their exceptional industrial strength equipment pulled away even the finest of the dust. They even polished the window frames for us. Absolutely thrilled with the work.
Juliette G.19/08/2015
     After reading some of the positive reviews this company has had I decided to give them a go myself and I wasn't disappointed. I actually needed quite a bit of cleaning done in my home and was looking to hire a cleaner regularly. The cleaners that arrived were excellent and got so much done, much more than I expected. I liked the way they had an attention to detail with things like cleaning the blinds and things like doorframes, skirting boards. They did a lot of tasks I would usually associate with a specialist cleaning company and all in all I can highly recommend Carpet Cleaners Brompton myself.
Alexandra P.13/08/2014
     I've looked into getting a cleaner a few times before but every time we hire one, it doesn't quite seem worth the money. Either the service is really good but the price is too high, or the service is of low quality but it's cheap. We looked at the reviews from Carpet Cleaners Brompton and they seemed to be a very reliable company to hire a cleaner from. When we called them up, the prices they were quoting us were great and when our cleaner came, she didn't deliver the same low standard cleaning as our previous cleaners once had.
Toby A.16/07/2014
     Cleaning up isn't something I ever enjoyed doing so when I heard of Carpet Cleaners Brompton I was eager to hire them. I felt that having professional handle my cleaning would make things simpler for me and my family, as well as provide a superior result. This exactly what happened and I was impressed with what they did for me. Dust, dirt, stains, litter, clutter and more is all removed when they are on the job. Their team tackled every chore swiftly and thoroughly, so I could see to other matters. My family and love what they have done for the place and I will continue to hire them.
Alison L.20/06/2014
     I had bad arthritis and was finding it hard to do the house work. Though I only owned a small bungalow, it was getting too much for me. I booked an appointment with Carpet Cleaners Brompton and though I would see how it went, as I wasn't used to others doing my cleaning. I needn't have worried the girls were friendly and chatty, and simply got on with the work I requested. I was pleased with the cost and now hire them on a weekly basis. I look forward to them coming each week, as they do a meticulous job. We have a little chat too so I don't feel uncomfortable with someone else doing my chores anymore.
Jean Simmons26/05/2014
     I love coming home to a clean house, but with such a busy work schedule it was something that I rarely got to enjoy. I ended up hiring a domestic house cleaner from Carpet Cleaners Brompton, and I couldn't be happier or more thrilled with the job that they do. Even when I did have the time for cleaning, there were always places I forgot to touch, which left my home looking a bit grubby round the edges. This is something that I never have to worry about again thanks to my professional cleaner! I feel as if I live in a show home, and with such reasonable prices this is a luxury that everyone can afford! Thanks!
Gillian K.17/04/2014
     I am not one for cleaning - never have been, never will be. But at the same time, I have never been one to be pleased by other peoples cleaning. So, when Carpet Cleaners Brompton came to clean my house, I was more than surprised. Not only did they clean my home to my satisfaction, but they were also friendly and very professional. They knew all the tricks of the trade and it really showed. I wouldn't use anyone else now that I have been hooked onto them. Their prices were great and I have been using them on a regular basis.
Jacqui Jones27/03/2014
     Carpet Cleaners Brompton have made my life so much easier. They really are professionals in every aspect of the word. As you would expect, they do a fantastic job of the cleaning jobs that I book them for. But more than that, their support staff are really friendly and make me feel important as an individual customer. This personal touch doesn't go unnoticed and is a breath of fresh air compared to a number of other service providers I regularly deal with. I feel like I can call them whenever I need anything cleaning-related done, so I do. And they do it, really really well!
M. Canworth02/12/2013